Code of Conduct (henceforth known as "The Code")

Welcome to Color Cauldron!  We are a community of artists and art-lovers who enjoy colorful things and want to share that love with others.  These guidelines are intended to help everyone do just that, while minimizing unpleasantness or misunderstandings.

About Color Cauldron

1. Color Cauldron is creative

Not to brag or anything, but the stuff created on this site is amazing.  You will see new art every day, and hopefully be inspired to create your own.

2. It is collaborative

One person's color inspires another person's palette, which is then used to color another person's artwork (and so on and so forth).  Remixing, recoloring, and reimagining are all encouraged activities when it comes to palette creation.  Stecnils, however, must always be the sole original work of the author (see Plagiarism below)

3. It is kind

Other sites might boast really awesome communities, but Color Cauldron hosts some of the kindest, most genuine people you will find online.  Helping or enouraging others, sharing joy and excitement, and fostering lasting friendships through art are all a part of what colorBuffs strives to facilitate.

4. It is fun

While the art here is seriously good, we still manage to laugh at ourselves.  Just browse the colors page and you'll see what we mean.  We encourage you to join a forum game, crack a joke, and enjoy yourself while creating awesome stuff.

As a member of our community, we hope that you dive right in and start making art and friends from day one.  Here are some tips to help you on your way:

Best practices

1. Always assume good faith

Did someone say something hurtful or inappropriate?  Make hurtful comments that seem directed at you?  Make something that looks like a very close copy of your existing artwork?  Take a deep breath and try to assume the best of intentions (at least at first).  People may commit social gaffes out of ignorance or fatigue, or even as a sincere attempt at flattery.  Approach them privately about the matter, and involve a moderator only if the behavior becomes disruptive (or violates The Code).

2. When in doubt, ask for permission

Want to use someone's art in a way not explicitly permitted by the license?  Want to feature his or her artwork somewhere, or use it as a reference in your own work?  If you are at all in doubt about whether the author would be "OK" with you doing something, stop.  Ask.  This goes for art sourced from other websites as well.

3. Imitation is not always flattery (plagiarism)

We must insist that all art posted on Color Cauldron be your own ORIGINAL work.  Copies and remixes from sources other than your own prior work are not allowed, and are a violation of our Terms of Service.

Site administration will comply with a legal takedown request for any art that does not comply with this rule, as long as the request comes from the copyright owner.  If the disputed art is a stencil, this will also result in the removal or unpublication of any patterns created using that stencil.  Depending on the blatancy of the offense, we may also issue a warning or an account ban to the user who uploaded the copy, at our discretion.

Color Cauldron administration will otherwise not be responsible for policing or arbitrating cases of copying or plagiarism on this site.  We are not copyright lawyers or judges, and simply do not have the time or experience to devote to it.

4. Stay on Topic

If commenting on a forum thread, please refrain from straying off-topic or hijacking the thread for your own purposes.  Moderators can and will move posts that are confusing, misleading, off-topic or otherwise distracting from the main conversation.  Repeat offenders will be warned and possibly banned (based on the Moderator's discretion).

5. Play Nice

We didn't include a thumbs-down or dislike button for a reason.  The art here is often an expression of another person's deepest feelings or most personal moments, and is meant to be appreciated, not ridiculed.  Criticism -- even the constructive type -- should be withheld unless the author specifically invites such feedback on his or her wall, or in the forums.


1. Try talking

We hope it doesn't happen often, but personalities will inevitably clash here, as they do on other sites.  If you find yourself in a spat with another user, please step back, evaluate your own words for hurtful or heated statements and issue an appology if necessary.  Take a time out.  Try approaching the other party with respect and do your best to sort things out in private.

2. Try blocking

Blocking another user will keep them from posting on your wall or on any of your artwork.  It will also prohibit following and private messaging between the two of you.  Try to use it as a last resort.

3. Seek help

If the conflict escalates or continues after you have made an honest attempt to resolve it, the Moderators are here to help.  Report posts or content that contain personal attacks or insults, and we will see whether they fall under any of the Violations outlined below.


1. The Banhammer exists for a reason

a. Spamming

There is a zero tolerance policy for spam accounts on Color Cauldron.  Spamming the forums, naming content to promote a commercial product, posting spam or links on your profile wall, or attempting to generate link traffic are all activities that will result in an IP ban and having your account deleted.  If a moderator believes that you are a human, you may be issued a warning first (bots will receive no such courtesy).  Note that spamming doesn't have to be commercial in nature; posting the same comment, color, or palette name over and over again would also fall under this clause.  What constitutes spam is up to moderator discretion.

2. For other issues, you get three chances

a. Self-Promoters get Demoted

This is not the place to advertise your business, new book, online store, or other venture.  Art generated here for the purposes of promoting off-site activities or products will be deleted, and a warning issued.  Posting comments on other peoples' walls or artwork for the same purpose will result in the comments being deleted and a warning issued.  Making forum posts to tout your product or service will result in a warning.  Three such violations will result in an account ban.  The ONLY acceptable location for promoting non-Color Cauldron content is on your own wall (within reason.  See "Spamming" above.) or in the "Strut Your Stuff" subforum.

b. Harassment or Abuse Makes Us Sad Pandas

Personal attacks, insults, stalking, trolling and excessive or continous negativity hurt the entire community, and will not be tolerated for long.  A user will be issued a warning for each offense, and will receive a temporary account ban after the third.  A permanent ban will follow, if the behavior continues afterwards.  Moderators will treat cases of harassment very seriously, and are entitled to edit or delete any such posts or comments at their sole discretion (regardless of whether the injured party has already blocked the harasser).