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Used in these patterns

Strange Skies by Fate

Galaxies by LadySakura

Time Spirals Out Of Control by firestar

Samarkand by Worf

c11.1 by Eonscintilla

The Sunny Side by Kairos

New day by cy

Carl Sagan's Goodbye by Worf

Collapsing Sun by amadwat

pure blue.O11 by Eonscintilla

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Based ONLY on my templates:•5•6•7

1901 days ago by @Eonscintilla


and here

1901 days ago by @Eonscintilla


or here :)

1901 days ago by @Eonscintilla


for exmple here :)

1901 days ago by @Eonscintilla



Yes, I also saw this geometric model earlier.
It fascinated me.
And I did it myself! :))
The secret of the creation of this model is very simple.
I can create the similar model with any form of - squares, stars, and more.

1902 days ago by @yncolor


@Eonscintilla This is beautiful. But is this entirely your own creation? I have seen the same dots pattern before on Shutterstock.

1902 days ago by @Eonscintilla


@Fate, thank you so much, dear! :)

1902 days ago by @Fate


This took my breath away, Eo! Truly gorgeous.

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