Freedom Hearts

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stencils used

Hot Pursuit by prax

palettes used

candlelight by dukecolor47

colors used

wick by dukecolor47

snuffer by dukecolor47

holder by dukecolor47

sconce by dukecolor47

table by dukecolor47

bright gray* by Sunny21327

Tempest by Duchess

1170 days ago by @Wood


@Pie I glad you like it! (:

1171 days ago by @Pie


positively mesmerizing

1434 days ago by @Wood


Thanks so much, Worf and Glenna...(:

1434 days ago by @Worf



1620 days ago by @Wood


Thank you

1620 days ago by @Johnnycakes



1620 days ago by @Johnnycakes



1858 days ago by @Wood


And shame on me! Nick rocks the palette, too...(:

1858 days ago by @Wood


Thanks, Pia....This is an awesome stencil, isn't it?? (:

1858 days ago by @Pia


Wow! : ) Great depth!

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