danced with her heart

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colors used

Dance Serenely by Worf

Dance with Abandon by Worf

Dance with Passion by Worf

And Then... by Worf

breathe in a paper bag by earheart

1639 days ago by @Wood


What a beauty, and it deserves a "re-love" (:

1823 days ago by @Worf


@kalindy, thanks so much! It remains one of my fave palettes.

1829 days ago by @kalindy


@Worf Gorgeous, Worfie! Looks like silk from India. : )

1849 days ago by @Worf


@o2b Meowful thanks, my sweet. ❤️

1850 days ago by @o2b


I knew the moment I saw this that you had made it. BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL!

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