Nouveau peacock

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1374 days ago by @Worf


Wonderful, Nancy. Thank you. <3

1407 days ago by @Archi


Hmm. I see just one page of patterns as well.

1408 days ago by @YersiniaP


This is odd, I know I colored this at least twice, in the very early days of CB. And while the patterns still exists in my stash of patterns, they seem to have vanished from this list.
Or am I missing the page bar here as well? I can only see one page worth' (10 patterns) of this stencil here.

1413 days ago by @Archi


Aw thanks, Misty - it was one of my popular templates on CL.

1416 days ago by @MistyAamen


This is simply gorgeous. ❤❤❤

1854 days ago by @Archi


Thanks you so much, @YersiniaP! So kind.

1854 days ago by @YersiniaP


Yay, this is one of my most favorite templates ever! ❤❤❤

1856 days ago by @Archi


Thank you, @CLM!

1856 days ago by @CLM


I really love this one, Archi! @Archi

1857 days ago by @Archi


Thanks, @Fate! :-)

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