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1249 days ago by @Worf


Still love this. Re❤️.

1539 days ago by @eighteyed


@Worf Well, glad to answer, if not glad about the subject. My impression was that Cy would rather lop off an appendage than work to support Seamless, so that's one reason I have not been so active here. It's not that I blame him, sure Seamless is problematic and archaic, but it's what I know, and it will be some time before I switch app platforms. Consequently CB will have to accept that I won't be designing any new material here until I can upload directly without issues from whatever app. Plus, I can control my templates on CL better as regards sock puppetry.

1539 days ago by @Worf


@eighteyed - you have answered a question I have about a template I uploaded directly from my desktop that I made in Seamless! It turned out very warped when I uploaded it here. Thank you!

1543 days ago by @eighteyed


@Worf I do have a copy. I just don't have much occasion to use it. Unless I upload to CL first, then download again to send to CB, the file is warped on arrival, especially any triangle. I have long ago mentioned this to cy, and prax agrees it is something about CB that is causing the issue, as my original file opens correctly in any browser. There's no hurry to fix the problem. So why bother? I don't really use techniques I can't use in Lite anymore and don't need to import my shapes. The mad desire to design in 10 colors has faded... other art projects have priority.

1544 days ago by @Worf


Funny, thought you had a copy of SS. Message me if you want a copy. I also shared one as a torrent.

1545 days ago by @eighteyed


@Worf thanks! not Studio, though... Seamless Lite ^_^

1547 days ago by @Worf


Amazing, Edith! A true mastery of Seamless Studio. Wow.

1854 days ago by @eighteyed


@prax I'm so glad you like it! The interlace is about the only new element on there, lol, the rest are saved shapes. I'm glad you like the corner flowers, I made them as singles and as compound shapes.
Luckily it came together really fast. The template before took a while as I rejected parts over and over again, it was unusually obstreperous.

It is kind of on the victorian extra-frilly side... but I lean that way ^_^

1856 days ago by @prax


Omigosh, this is gorgeous Edith!!! I love the art nouveau quality of this; the interlace and those 6 petalled figures in the corners. You've really outdone yourself! (I am so honoured you don't even know!)

Thank you!

Also: I am going to have to entreat Cy to send me the svg of the file I was working on, since my desktop version broke and I can't open it now. I promise a better one is coming without that stupid test watermark. :)

1856 days ago by @eighteyed


@prax, for you!

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